Month: Settembre 2015


Let’s talk about Rome

cupola san pietro
cupola san pietro

We will tell you secrets of Rome and tips how to book museum and skip the line without paying extra!
We will give you information regarding our favorite Restaurants and place must to see in Rome!

Ever thought of a ride in Rome in November?
Probably too cold .. not worth it better to wait for Christmas … but there’s a time of year when Rome does not offer something spectacular!
Rome seen in photographs photo banner is just one example of the splendor and warmth and various feelings that transmits this beautiful city that glows in the dark!Not to mention the temperature …. among the most pleasant of the year! The so-called Indian summer” will last much longer? Meanwhile we enjoy the capital with its beautiful days and what could be better if not rest in fabulous apartment QueenRome?Goodnight Goodnight dreamers and Rome!